Sunday, September 1, 2013

Let the Music Start (Soundscape in Blue)

Let the Music Start (Soundscape in Blue) This is from my screenplay series which tells the story of a girl weaving through the contemporary art and music worlds involving a convoluted game. I like the idea of media being used out of place. i.e. coverage from my screenplay, "The double-reflexivity (radio reflecting Lila's life and Lila's life reflecting the script to be a movie..." and the script being carried on in an art dialogue. My first inspiration was artist Allan McCollum.I'm also inspired by the work of Douglas Gordon. I love how his film installation at MOCA created the rhythm of a musical round with the timing of the same film piece as a triptych. Also, the British artist Fiona Banner's work of painted words has freed my mind.More of my script's coverage by Bigel/ Mailer Production Company in NYC: "The script becomes hyper reflexive. Lila talks about her life as a script, "Is this the balcony scene?"..." I'm continuing work on my mixed media pieces and working on a screenplay relating to art & music. A new series developing combines both entitled "Reconstructed Soundscapes". I am interested in the overlap of disciplines like art, music, writing. Synesthesia interests me. What if what you see isn't what everyone else is seeing?